Work mode meal kits – luxury edition

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Let’s all agree that meal kits are so lockdown 1, 2 and 3. However the concept of going back to work and coming back with nothing really to eat or having no inspiration whatsoever, means that meal kits can actually be part of our at-home-dining experience permanently. It may not be a cheaper alternative, however ,it may be more sustainable and certainly more supportive towards smaller businesses and suppliers. Here are a few of my favourite meal kits that I would like to try before everything goes back to ‘normal’.

Rick Stein Luxury Breakfast Box

Vegan FARMACY Al Fresco Kit
Galvin at Home Cote de Boeuf BBQ Box
The Clove Club Tasting for May

Pescatarian Hamper at Aquavit London
The Wolseley’s Fruit Crumble & Crème Anglaise

Aileen Gilani
Aileen Gilani

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