Top 5 Things Not to Do During Lockdown

We’ve all been told numerous times what we ‘should’ do but here’s our take on five things that are far too common amongst students at the moment and we can all be guilty of if we aren’t careful.

1. A Britney Moment

We all know someone who’s done it… someone decided that they needed to do something drastic to their hair during lockdown because there’s literally NOTHING else to do so they’ve either shaved all their hair off or dyed it some crazy colour.

I’m sure we’ve all thought about it and asked the question “what would we look like with no hair?” but that doesn’t mean we need to actually do it just because we are in lockdown. So do everyone a favour and don’t do something you’ll regret when we comes out of lockdown and you have to go out in public again! 

Despite what we’d like to think, we don’t look better bald or with blue hair…

2. Sit Watching TikTok All Day

It’s easily done, you open TikTok to sit down and relax and next thing you know it’s 2am in the morning. Everyone who’s downloaded TikTok has done it at least once because the app is just so addictive when you can watch “just one more”.

But why not try and do something productive during the lockdown period like learning a new language or reading a book. We’ve written posts about the best apps for lockdown and our top books to read so why not check them out and see what you can do to learn something different whilst we have so much free time.

Apps like Duolingo make it super easy to learn a new language in as little as 10 minutes a day so what have you got to lose…

3. Fall in love on Tinder

Ok, now this might not apply to everyone but it’s a serious risk for all us singles who are feeling lonely and sorry for themselves. What better way to entertain yourself than downloading Tinder you may think? After all, we are all sat at home doing nothing so people can’t pretend they’re busy.

Now I’m not saying don’t use Tinder, it’s a great way to meet others with more people using online dating than ever before, but please… Don’t be that friend that we all have that gets heart broken by someone they haven’t even met. We’ve all heard of the ‘Love Island Effect’ and seen it again on ‘Love is Blind’, the new Netflix series, that you really can grow feelings for people in such unconventional circumstances so just be careful out there. We don’t want to come out of lockdown all miserable when everyone else is ready to hit the pubs and hang out with friends again!

4. Fail University Exams

It’s easy to forget that even though we are in lockdown, some universities still have exams and coursework deadlines for some students to submit. We know it’s hard to motivate yourself to work when you feel like there’s no purpose. You can’t see your friends or enjoy the normal Uni lifestyle so why should you still have to submit coursework and sit exams. But that’s the way it is for some students and it’s not worth failing the whole year now with only a few weeks to go, especially with the cost of retakes and university fees in the UK.

So please, if you’ve got work to do, dedicate some time to get it done during the lockdown period!

5. Go out to Meet Friends

One final thing that we know has been said hundreds of times but there are still people who seem to think it’s ok to go out and see friends or family during lockdown. The lockdown is serious and it’s there to protect us all so please, listen to the rules and stay at home so we can all get out of this quicker, ready for the best summer with friends and family!

So that’s it… our top five things NOT to do during lockdown for your own good. Let us know in the comments if there’s anything else you would add.

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