The Vogue Collection we didn’t think we needed…

To be introduced to the Vogue Collection and thinking ‘Yep here we go, another brand, another hoodie.’ Which to be fair, if I was going to launch a clothing line, I would also launch lounge wear first because it’s more practical and on trend. The Vogue Collection works well because Vogue is not just a historical magazine, it’s a culture. It’s a vibe. It’s a ‘you can’t sit with us’ meme. So when they released this sustainable collection with hoodies and jumpers in different colours, I immediately clicked on the link and now have 4 resting in my basket. (Will probably only buy one in the end because I’m on a writers salary).

See below the latest collection by Vogue.

All images from Vogue Collection site

Aileen Gilani
Aileen Gilani

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