The Rise of Rental Clothing

Who buys new clothes these days anyways?

OMG. That is how I react every time another rental clothing company launches, which is nearly every month. It clearly does show that there is a demand for it and clearly people are taking sustainability seriously. 

So what exactly is this and how does it exactly work? 

Ok so let’s start from the beginning. You have a luxury item, you bought it in hoping that you will wear it every single day (that’s what you said to your bank account) but a month later, another fabulous luxury item comes into the fashion market. So it goes round and round in circles, the endless purchases and high expectation of using those items all the time, so now all that it’s doing is collecting dust in your closet.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

Although, it definitely comes to my surprise that those lucky enough to have such luxury items are okay to send them off to rental. There is something possessive about having such an expensive item and then somehow finding the trust to offer it to complete strangers, and then expecting it to return in one piece. But then again, if it gives you some income then why the hell not?

On the other side where someone like myself would be renting the item, then surely it’s a genius idea to be able to experience a bit of luxury for a short-term. It’s also a great idea for those like me who still can’t decide which luxury handbag to buy because of my points above, that I can simply rent it until I get bored of the design. 

Now that this is in place or at least even more trendy now, I can now wear a pretty hefty amount of designer brands for my cousins wedding in the summer. Why spend hundreds if not thousands on that Dolce & Gabbana dress, instead I can just wear it for the day and let it go the next. Although there is a more satisfying feeling when people don’t actually know you’ve rented, oh well, cat’s out the bag now – all my 200 relatives will now know my secret. But honestly speaking who even wears the same outfit to another event these days anyways? You know what I mean? Maybe that’s the whole point. 

I would be quite interested to see how the male fashion and male buyers take advantage of this new behaviour. I feel like this is slightly friendlier towards more female fashion, but I am sure it will work for everyone. 

Here is a list of current trendy rental companies I like and would love to try.

HURR COLLECTIVE: Currently located at Selfridges




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