The Rise of Private Member Clubs

Now if there is one person who has witnessed the rise of private member clubs, it is this gal here. The truth is that Private Member Clubs have been around for ages, way before we were even born.

Now if there is one person who has witnessed the rise of private member clubs, it is this gal here. The truth is that Private Member Clubs have been around for ages, way before we were even born. So it doesn’t come to my surprise that these exclusive clubs are popping up every 5 minutes. 

But the slight concern is what’s the purpose of them exactly? Why do we need to sit in a fancy room all together? Why do we need to go to the same venue over and over again just because we may come from the same industry? 

The checking in and checking out of the venue, the signing in all your guests and making sure they announce themselves and dress accordingly to club etiquette. That in itself is sometimes quite tedious. 

The rules of not taking photos or not having your laptop on or sometimes not even bringing certain types of people in your social circle because they wouldn’t ‘fit in’ with the club vibe. 

So looking at it on the other side, well I certainly haven’t been to a Starbucks for a meeting recently because who can ever guarantee a seat in the hustle and bustle of ‘normal people’. Again to define normal people, why would I want to discuss a serious financial investment proposal at a casual cafe in front of randomers? 

Of course I want to sell the personal I am hosting a meeting for, a more chic and sophisticated vibe. I want to upsell them the lifestyle of a successful life. 

Many times I have dined and wined with some very impressive people in their industries, maybe even just to have a chat, but it made me feel good to take them out to a reputable environment where no one will disturb me and in fact treat me like a boss!

Personally I like having a base, especially if you don’t live in the city you work in, the amount of times I struggled to find a quiet corner to work or to meet someone, so having a specific location to put your coats away and have a nice quiet atmosphere (let’s not forget cleaner bathrooms), where everyone has the same goal of making deals, somewhat gives you a relief to your busy day. 

Now that I attend some of these exclusive spaces (which does cost a lot) I now have a relationship with the fellow team members at the clubs. With London being so overwhelming it’s nice to come into the city knowing people or recognising people. To say the simple ‘Hello…’ and ‘How was your week?’ brings me joy. Oh the simple things in life.

My tip for those of you who are so desperate to join one of these snazzy clubs, is to choose wisely. Don’t just try to get into a club because instagram tells you to. Choose a club that actually supports your long term goal in your career and helps you connect in your industry. 

We sometimes forget that joining some of these clubs can either go two ways, you join it for social reasons or for business development. Most of the time it becomes a little bit of both, but make sure you make the most out of it. 

Please note that Membership Teams in clubs frown upon membership hoppers, which basically means those individuals who get all memberships from all clubs but rarely use any. These are the name droppers which actually don’t do any good for the clubs. 

Underneath I have listed some but not all, clubs that offer individuals who have certain tastes and are in certain industries a place to socialise and network. I appreciate that I could talk about the ‘Annabels’ and the’ Soho Clubs’  but let’s face it, if you google clubs they will pop up immediately so my goal is to introduce you to some different venues. 


Only for people in hospitality which could be some of you as many students work in hospitality. This is where the hard working hospitality individuals can actually chill for a bit and not serve others, but be served. Clever isn’t it? One of those ‘I wish I thought of that idea’ moments. Obviously tucked away in the heart of Soho which is ideal. I’m sure you need to have some sort of criteria to join but worth applying I say.


For those entrepreneurial women out there who are starving for some female support and spaces that you can just be yourself, then this is the club you should join. Not only does it come with the most instagrammable interior design but it comes with inspiring events.


Now this is for those that are already practising artists but this is certainly worth applying if art is your thing. To join a club that literally is centred around art is a dream come true for those that are passionate about art.


This is a fresh one that invites all creatives and startup individuals to join this all-in-one club that has all the trendy bits and bobs included, even a private cinema. It’s much more classroomy but it does the job. It’s not supposed to be luxury, it’s supposed to be fresh, new, clear and useful.


This one really screams and shouts creativity especially towards tv, film and media. I like their clear direction with all the right spaces and rooms to support those in this industry. It makes sense to debut your recent film, music or project to an audience that will actually appreciate it. 

And of course there are many more clubs that I can go through, which I will at some point in the future, but I prefer to suggest these sort of clubs because you need to choose the club that’s genuinely going to lift you up socially or professionally. Not just for your social media followers.

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