The rise of men’s make-up, grooming & skincare

In discussion with Benny Hancock

I feel like for men it’s always been a bit taboo to wear makeup and even discuss it, but the truth is all the men on red carpets look so good because they wear it and even your average Joe has been stealing his girlfriends concealer for years.

Benny Hancock

It is so refreshing to see someone finally pushing the boundaries when it comes to men’s grooming. So tell me how did you all start? 

I worked as a makeup artist for over a decade, traveling the world working with many men. I have always been asked why there isn’t a brand around that only focuses on men’s makeup and grooming. I felt it wasn’t right because there is an endless amount available for women. So I felt it was time to push this to the forefront and bring out a brand that men are not embarrassed to use and is catered to men only.

There are a lot of men in all generations that suffer from acne or acne scarring or even pigmentation, what would you recommend?

This is another reason why I felt it was so important for men to have their own products. You know if a woman has acne or anything, they’re able to cover it up without any question and be able to go about their day without feeling self conscious or insecure about their skin. We all should be able to feel confident in our own skin. We have a fantastic product from our range called the Moisturising Face Perfecter, This unique product is a Moisturiser and Foundation all in one. It gives the perfect amount of coverage that can be super lightweight and buildable to a heavier coverage for acne. We offer this in a variety of shades which can be colour matched to the skin tone. An added benefit of this all-in-one product is that it also contains SPF 15 to protect against harmful UVA/B rays and anti-pollution properties, which have been clinically proven to create a barrier to defend against the visible effects of pollutants and toxic stressors. It’s the perfect multi-tasker!

How much makeup is too much makeup? And more importantly should it be taken off before going to the gym or working out?

I feel that makeup for men is very different and should be a natural enhancer. I have developed all my formulations in the lab from scratch and made it so everything in the collection has an almost invisible look and feel. I wanted the formulations to enhance men’s appearance rather than completely conceal and change. I think the key to success with men’s makeup is not having a heavy look so its not even noticeable, that they have anything on. It just makes them look like a fresher version of themselves. For example our Pressed-Cream Bronzer is a very unique formulation, its super lightweight yet gives you that perfect sun-kissed glow. As its a cream product it looks super lightweight compared to powder bronzers which are super heavy and noticeable.

I would always advise to wash off any makeup before a workout and before you sleep. Those are the key times to let your skin breath.

When designing the brand, what made you go for this look? What was your inspiration? It is incredibly sleek and sophisticated and dare I say attractive to hold.

Honestly it was really important to me that the look and vibe of the brand represented my personal style and personality. I am quite the perfectionist so for me this had to be perfect. The look being black and shiny Silver mirror I felt to be extremely sophisticated and not too overbearing for men. I feel like simplicity is the key here and I really feel like I achieved that with a premium twist. I’m extremely pleased with the brand look.

As an entrepreneur how much experience did you have in the world of business before starting your own or do you think it is all about the personal brand?

I have had a lot of experience in business and also lived in the US for many years doing businesses. I think knowledge is the key when you are looking to launch your own brand and you learn as you go. There is nothing more rewarding than using knowledge you’ve built up over the years (mine being as a makeup artist) and putting these skills into development of your own formulations and cosmetics. I think it’s any makeup artists dream to create your own cosmetic brand, I’m just really pleased I have developed a range that I feel men are going to really benefit from.

Do ingredients for men need to be different to women’s makeup?

All makeup is made up of raw materials and different elements, but at the end of the day its the cocktail that’s mixed together to create something magical. Mens Skin is different to women so I have designed formulations that cater for this perfectly so this is why its now important for guys to use products like mine that work well for men.

When it comes to students and graduates possibly having their interviews virtually due to pandemic, what would you recommend for them in terms of facial etiquette and grooming?

I would say always make sure you freshen up dark under eye circles and blemishes – our Corrective Pen is a great daily tool for this! If you’re looking a little washed out and pale in these winter months then our Bronzer is the ultimate win!

Funny enough we have developed and launched our Virtual Try-on Mirror on selected products on our site which is the simplest way to colour match and virtually try-on our products on the camera of your smart phone or desktop devise cameras. (Make sure you have great lighting for the best results)

Where do you see this brand in 5 years?

I have big plans for the brand and have some new products in development that will also be launching next year, but I have to keep those a secret for now. My plan is for Benny Hancock For Men being the most used men’s makeup and grooming brand in the world.

Where can our students buy your products and where can they follow you?

They can buy from and our Instagram and Facebook.

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