Tarot Reading, Crystals, Spells and Moon Rituals – How does it work?

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We live in a world where crystals, spells, moon rituals and tarot readings have become such a vital part of ones’ day, whether it’s looking at the daily horoscope or following certain social media accounts or watching tarot readings on YouTube. I am definitely one of those people. So tell me how did you get into this and in general how does one get into if they wanted to be more educated in this industry?

I’ve been collected crystals since I was a little girl, when I was a teenager a mystic gave me a wooden box topped with stars and moon, it was lined with purple velvet and there was a charm of a hand holding a crystal ball. I became fascinated by all things esoteric and I was gifted my first tarot deck in my mid 20s and have been collecting them ever since. I spent a lot of my adult life travelling to far flung places for yoga retreats and spiritual teachings meeting lots of psychic healers and tarot readers along the way. My first tarot teacher was this incredible woman I met at the Sanctuary in Thailand (a very magical and healing place, a trek to get to but once you’re there you’ll never want to leave) and she taught me to just trust in my intuition. During the first lockdown in March I just had much more time to re-connect with the tarot practice and started doing readings for people on Instagram. I then found myself a coach, Tree Carr – she’s incredible and really started to understand the tarot system better and it’s grown from there really. There’s load of books available on tarot, crystal, astrology and energy healing so that would be a good start, follow some key leaders on Instagram, I would suggest Mama Moon, Tree Carr, Vanessa Montgomery, Mystic Mondays, Serpent Fire as a start. There’s a lot of online courses available too so have a search around for one that resonates.

In the nutshell what is the difference between Crystals, Spells & Moon Rituals and Tarot Readings?

There a lots of different healing modalites around and they all have things in common that are rooted in becoming more connected to nature, setting intetions and listening to your inutution and your higher self.

Crystals are believed to be a metaphysical tool to aid healing or connect to your intuition. They work because these are vibrating just like we are, but at a stable rate so clear quartz for example is thought to be energy amplifies – that’s why they put quartz in watches etc.

Spells are essentially about setting an intention with your energy – what do you want to focus on, what do you want to forget about?. Witches were medicine women who were so closely associated with nature they could recommend herbs and plants that would help with what ever ailment you might have had.

Moon rituals is this idea of doing a practice in line with the phase of the moon – again a connection in nature – the moon has a powerful affect on our emotions and when it’s full we can feel very energetic and emotional so it’s a good time to celebrate all that we are grateful for and when it’s new its a good time for us to reflect, be quiet and think about what intentions we want to set for the next lunar cycle. A moon ritual can be a very simple practice of journalling and meditating either on you or with others.

Tarot is an idea that the tarot card deck can be used as a divination tool to give us an indication of what might be going on for us and help us plan a way forward. I see the tarot as a tool for self reflection and to help us understand ourselves a bit better – when you understand yourself you can then make a better plan.

Do you need to have a spiritual eye or perspective to be offering services like Tarot readings and others?

For tarot I think it’s important to understand the tarot system so you can interpret them. I think if you are offering readings for others it’s important to be considered, be mindful of your intentions when reading, you need to be very objective and not have an agenda, make sure both parties are relaxed and calm. I like to offer my clients advice from the cards and that every situation can have a positive course of action if the querent is empowered – I always make sure to frame the questions in a way that gives power to the person asking it rather than fatalistic with all the power to the cards. It’s important to acknowledge with the client that you’re not a trained counsellor and this is not a substitute for mental health care. Experience, intuition and spiritual practices such as mediation would help you become a good reader.

Why do you think in 2020 we have become so interested in this industry? Are we missing some sort of help or guidance or support in our lives and well being?

With so much time to reflect in 2020 people were really looking at their lives and asking if they were on the right paths. Also with so much uncertainty and a highly anxious time people were and are looking for the answers. It’s important to remember that the answers are within you. you are the healer for yourself, it’s healers that enable you to do the healing for yourself.
I always say to people, I’m not for everyone (I try to never take things personally) and for people to take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Even if they feel it doesnt resonate I hope to leave them with something to think about or some advice and a nice experience to remember.

Have you had clients where they say ‘oh your reading or crystals don’t work’? How do you deal with some pessimistic clients? Or clients that feel like their reading did not resonate with them? What products do you have for individuals who are feeling a bit lost since the pandemic?

I think our full moon and dreamtime events, spell treatments and tarot can be great tools if you’re feeling like you want some direction so you can follow your inner voice. Product wise we have a spell to let go which is nice kit for providing clarity as it comes with a clear quartz obelisk for amplifying and clearing energy.

How can we protect ourselves from negative energy?

Notice who and where it is coming from and set some boundaries.
I’m a big believer of gratitude journaling as a way to help with perspective.
Crystals such as selenite are believed to be good for clearing negative energies and obsidian is good for energy shielding.

For students or recent graduates who would like to explore this specialism, what would you recommend?

I would probably start with doing personal practices such as yoga, maybe even consider going deeper with a yoga teacher training – also sound healing, crystal healing, coaching – there’s lots of career choices in that space. Or you could look at applying your area of expertise at brands or healers that do this work, for example if you code websites then seek the relevant brand, or if you’ve done finance or marketing seek those brands – etc – it could be a sideways step.

See what online courses are available – especially around things such as astrology
listen to podcasts and follow people
if it’s tarot you’re interested in learn the system and then start practicing with people you know

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