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With Olfactive O.

Olfactive O, what an interesting brand name, tell me how it all started?

Our brand name represents the two creative halves of the Fragrance House – Olfactive who is our Master Creative Perfumer, and myself, Olivia.  The literal meaning of the word Olfactive is ‘relating to the sense of smell’ and its embodied by our perfumer who is totally immersed in the science, magic and sense of smell.  O represents me – Olivia.  I have an equal passion for scent and smell but especially in how it is worn and it’s interaction with human nature and personality.  So in many ways our brand name represents the key pillars of the fragrance house – smell and personality.  

What is your definition of a luxury experience?

Luxury for me is not about a price tag.  It has to run through the veins of everything you do.   Every touch point a customer has with your brand has to feel personalised and tailored to them.  This is especially the case for perfume as smell is one of the most intimate and private of senses so you have to treat it with love and care.  When we were thinking about how a customer will experience and interact with our perfumes, we thought about not just the quality of the juice in the bottle, but that feeling of holding the box in your hand, opening it, peeling back the layers of tissue, reading about what you’re about to smell and making a connection to the fragrance.  We put a lot of attention into how a customer will receive the perfumes in the post (even more important these days as people are increasingly shopping online) as we want that experience to be as individual and intimate as having a personal consultation in a store. 

The perfumes that you have chosen in this collection, I would love to know what inspired you to go for these scents? 

We chose to develop perfumes which would help our customers find the signature scents which truly suit who they are.  Our collection is based around the main olfactive fragrance families all of which have rich and intricate personalities like a human being and understanding who these are will guide customers to the right scents for them. There are four Personality scents: Woody: for the dark horse, secret keeper and thinker, Floral: for the elegant, effortless and romantic, Fruity: for the playful, impulsive and flirtatious and Oriental: for the passionate, mysterious and seductive. And finally, there is Skin our fifth fragrance which was a bit of an accident but is now the backbone of our collection. Each of our scents shares the same heart accord of a specific family of notes including angelica root, ambrette seed, beeswax absolute, muscone and civetone.  These notes adapt and morph with the natural scent of the wearer.  Skin is a concentration of these notes so it is like a scent magnifier and it can be worn on its own or in combination with any of the other personality scents. 

During a time where we are not encouraged to go shopping in stores, let alone touch small items like perfumes, how can one choose a perfume? What is the best way to experience Olfactive O? 

Such a big challenge to so many retailers right now! We try to guide our customers as much as possible using our personality descriptions and scent notes on our website. One of the key products in our range is our Scent Personality Discovery set which includes one of each of our scents and a Discovery booklet taking customers on a journey to understand their scent identity. Customers can also purchase our vials individualy and they come neatly packaged with a Persoanlity Card and 10% discount towards a full size bottle purchase.

As one’s personality reflects the choice of fragrance, I am a young individual who likes to make a statement in my outfit and even in my scent. I like to leave a room with a good impression so to speak, so what fragrance would you recommend? 

Definitely the Oriental.  It has an incredible sillage (the scent trail left by the wearer as they walk by) that will last all day and well into the next so you will make an impression for sure.  It has top notes of freesia and black pepper which deliver immediate impact and gets people’s attention and dries down to a deep vanillic base which conveys an irresistible warmth and familiarity.  

Your instagram is very much a moodboard platform and gives followers such a cool vibe, who would be your dream influencer(s) to work with? 

Thank you we’re glad you like it!  Wow so many it’s hard to choose – we’re very happy to be working with you! 

For the customers out there that have a whole shelf of perfumes, and most of them possibly 5 years old (possibly more), should we invest towards a ‘less is more’ approach, or do you think we should invest in many? How can we create a balance? And when do we need to get rid of old perfumes?

Perfumes have always been personal, and I would argue that you can never have enough. The balance should come with not how many you have, but knowing when to wear the right one and which ones are right for you.  People perceive so much subconsciously from how you smell so you want to make sure you are sending the right scent messages about who you are.  

If you treat a perfume with love, it will last for many years especially if it’s a high quality construction based in pure alcohol (which helps preserve the natural notes for as long as possible).  So keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight or even in the fridge (not ideal for many but will give the fragrance the longest life). 

What are the future plans for Olfactive O? 

We have lots! We launched in November last year and have already built a lovely loyal customer base and as shops begin to re-open we’re excited to be progressing our relationships with international distributors and local stockists. We are also busy developing our next 4 scents to round off the olfactive family – top secret at the moment but the part we love the most!

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