Non-Alcoholic Drinks Taking Over…

STRYKK Ready to Drink - Non-Alcoholic
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Recently I was introduced to a new way of drinking.

I will admit, I am not a huge drinker. I physically can’t finish a bottle nor can I mix or drink many in one night. I have also reached the side of 20’s where I actually really enjoy a non-hungover Saturday and Sunday. So to be introduced to STRYKKTM, I felt like I can also be part of the crowd but feel comfortable to enjoy the flavours of my drink, rather than become drunk. It’s genius.

We are now in a society that puts health as an important factor to our day to day living, we fit in fitness and make sure we eat avocados, so when it comes to drinking, I am becoming more and more aware of Millennials and Gen-Z’s pass on the opportunity to get typically drunk, rather it be more about the socialising and networking and enjoying the night out experience.

They have recently launched STRYKKTM Ready to Drink cocktail cans which is perfect for picnics, parties at home and pretty much anytime of the day. It’s non-alcoholic remember so it’s a win-win.

Available now at Ocado, Amazon Prime, and from £2.

Aileen Gilani
Aileen Gilani

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