Korean Beauty And The Rise Of Overnight Facemasks

I will unashamedly say that I love a good facemask. In fact, I did once consider myself to be a bit of a facemask connoisseur until the market became over-saturated with hundreds on hundreds of different masks for every possible skincare need out there. However, this, thankfully, all changed when I was introduced to the overnight ‘sleeping’ mask.

It’s a trend which is slowly making its way around the beauty industry thanks to the surge in Korean Beauty. I first came across the concept of sleeping masks through a Korean Beauty influencer called Ivan Lam who has the most heavenly hydrated skin I have ever seen. He talked widely about using a sleeping mask multi-functionally to retain moisture in his skin as well as delivering key essential ingredients into the skin whilst it naturally repairs overnight. As the phrase “getting your beauty sleep” suggests, an overnight mask packed with key active ingredients can take this phrase to a brand-new level.

Unbeknown to me, many people prefer utilizing an overnight mask in place of a moisturiser or facial oil and consider a night-time mask a vital part of their daily skincare routines for speed and convenience sake. And now, I understand why. Recently, I have found that there is something that leaves me a bit skeptical and unsatisfied after removing a facemask I applied 10 minutes prior (unless I see visible results). Did it really have time to do its part? Or is this one big gimmick? I ask myself. On the other hand, there is something far more trusting about leaving a mask on all night. For one, it truly gives the ingredients a good chance of working into your skin and, secondly, there is no hassle of removal involved.
One overnight mask recommended by Ivan Lam and countless beauty insiders was the Dr Jart+ Dermask Firming Sleeping Mask and, of course, I quickly snapped it up. Now, Dr Jart+ produces two overnight masks, one for hydration (Dermask Vital Hydra Sleeping Mask) and this one for firming. I initially wanted to try the hydrating mask, but of course, as we enter into the winter months, it is virtually impossible to get hold of one at the moment.

This being said, I have really been enjoying using the firming mask. This mask is targeted for more mature skin types, although I think it’s perfect for all ages because it helps to brighten dull skin and even out skin texture which are two of my main skin goals. As well as this, the mask also contains a bio peptide complex which works at repairing and smoothing skin overnight and a double firming complex which essentially delivers buckets of hydration to the skin. Waking up the next morning, I saw a visible difference in the appearance of my skin. Firstly, it appeared smoother and tauter. Secondly, it didn’t look dark and tired but instead was uplifted and felt fresher.

Overall, I leave you with one final thought. If you want to save time and hassle, then embrace this Korean masking trend in 2021.

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Graphic by Joey D’Rozario:
Dr Jart + Masks courtesy of Mizzle.pl © Sephora
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