Is Clubbing Still a Thing?

I am sure club owners are gonna hate me for saying this, but is clubbing still a thing?

I am sure club owners are gonna hate me for saying this, but is clubbing still a thing? 

The reason I question this is because with the large number of students I come across, I rarely hear conversation of nightclubs. When I was at uni back in the day, which was only a few (5) years ago, clubbing was the only thing to do and going to bars was still quite a grown up thing to do. Obviously we went to bars, but it was more a pre-drinks thing, it wasn’t the last place we would end up, ever. 

So listening to people’s conversations, I wonder really what is the trend right now? To my surprise listening to a group of people from different ages, a lot of them much preferred going to a bar, being able to sit down and socialise and just mingle there for hours. Or to move from bar to bar.  Nightlife for me was pre-drinking at your student accommodation and around 10.30/11pm you would then go to your designated student club. It was so organised then and so simple. But nowadays it’s hopping from one place to another to be seen and tagged on instagram. 

I actually prefer the bars to be honest, I prefer actually having a sociable time and even having some nibbles on the table. I really like that. Some people now even prefer going to the pub and just drinking there all night long. Again I’m sensing a seating priority is now the thing that people crave. Not standing in the dark, in the corner, awkwardly dancing. Don’t get me wrong I love a good nightclub, and sometimes bars and pubs are a little too restrictive. 

Anyways this was just food for thought. No recommendations for pubs, bars and clubs will be made in this article. Sometimes it’s just thoughts that come across my mind.

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