GRAPE & FIG – Attention to detail

Recently I was invited to the Scentrered x CoppaFeel press event where editors and people in the industry were introduced to the brand and also introduced to new ways to help raise awareness for their campaign #showyourboobsomelove. More information on this campaign will be shared in their feature coming soon.

One of the treats we were sent was on behalf of Grape & Fig whom also collaborated in this promising campaign and cause. The box had the prettiest edible treats and beautiful floral arrangement inside. With such a lovely surprise, I would highly recommend using them for birthday presents, anniversaries and even just to treat yourself. If you are also hoping to meet up with your fellow friends or family now that we can do so, then this is the loveliest alternative to the traditional picnic. Plus it’s incredibly instagrammable, it will probably guarantee you at least 25 likes…

I would like to share some of my favourite boxes from their website.

The Cheese and Charcuterie Platter
The Sweet Brunch Platter
The Savoury Brunch Platter
The Small Brunch Graze Box
The Cheese Basket of Love
Aileen Gilani
Aileen Gilani

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