Classic Date Night (bits and bobs)

CBD Calm Balm

Keep those lips hydrated babe (just in case). Plus why not try their new CBD Calm Balm for extra calm lips.

Madame LA LA fake tan serum

This gives the skin a boost in colour and makes your skin feeling moisturized and vibrant.

Batiste On The Go Dry Shampoo 50ml

It doesn’t matter how much you style your hair, by the time it’s mid-date or towards the end of your date, your hair just looses the will to be bouncy So this classic dry shampoo is a life-saver.

Invogue Artificial Nails

Great alternative for getting your nails done, especially if you only need good nails for 1 night.


Perfect for setting that chill-out vibe for anywhere in your property. The device has several colours, constellations, and ocean waves.

BYBI Beauty Clean Hands 30ml

These days hand sanitizer is an essential where ever we go, so why not make yours a little bit more Instagram worthy.

madebyharper face mask

Another essential for this year and most likely next year as well, so make yours a fashion statement. Support the face mask businesses in your local area by going on Etsy and scrolling through many beautiful handmade designs.

Invogue False Lashes

Quick application of these false lashes to make your eyes pop, perfect for that Hollywood look.

Selfie Light Ring 

You’re obviously going to need good lighting when you’re on your way to your date and looking on point! People need to see it (in good light) , trust me.

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