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Female Founder Marian Okogwu introduces a new skincare subscription box.

We are finally being educated on the fact that some mainstream beauty products are highly hazardous for black women, so tell me more on this?

According to the Environmental Working Group, 1/12 products have been found to be highly hazardous for Black skin due to the chemicals and toxins in them. This is alarming. Also, its been found that there are a narrower range of choices of safer products targeted at black women. From body washes to lipsticks to hair treatment products, products marketed to black women were found to have “hormone-disrupting parabens, chemicals linked to skin cancer, and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives that can increase the risk of skin allergies and more. The worst-offending products appear to be hair relaxers, hair colors and bleaching products but that comes as no surprise.
“African-Americans’ spending accounts for as much as 22 percent of the $42 billion-a-year personal care products market, suggesting that they buy and use more of such products – including those with potentially harmful ingredients – than Americans as a whole.” Lastly, research on products marketed to black women is scarce with only hair straighteners getting the most attention. Quite often we are left out of research and how it affects us and this only explains why we see such devastating information on what we use.

The birth of ButtaBoxx not only promises us with introductions of authentic independent brands, but it will support those that need products that truly support their skin. What will be your focus when brands approach you to be included in the box? What will be the deal makers and the deal breakers?

Great question!
We carefully do our due diligence and ensure that each brand that comes on board has their Cosmetic Product Safety Report which means that they adhere to an approved set of standards that indicate that they are safe to use.
Understanding the product shelf lives and expiry dates are also super important! Natural beauty products tend to have a much shorter shelf life than conventional products and this is because conventional products have chemical preservatives that extend their lifespan. The downside of these products is that the chemicals are often harmful. On the other hand natural products have a shorter shelf life span (i.e. 3-4 months) and may use natural preservatives such as Tocopherol – a form of vitamin E that comes from leafy vegetables and soybeans. It helps to stabilize natural products without the dangers of chemical preservatives. Although natural preservatives don’t usually provide the same shelf life as standard products the trade off is usually worth it! We ensure that we stay on top of shelf lives and ingredients of all products. Our team also tests each product internally before we include any products in our box.

Skincare is so important for women whether it’s because we have been sold to the idea that we need skincare routine (when maybe we don’t), so in your opinion do we really need 3 to 7 steps of skincare, or is it just a selling technique?

I believe that each individual has different needs and that there is not a one-size fits all approach. In saying this though – incorporate face wash.

Just how we have mainstream skincare products for men in general, are there products that cater for male black skin? And when can we see that box come up on ButtaBoxx?

There are certainly products that cater to black men and promote their health and wellbeing. We do have men’s grooming boxes in the pipeline .

As a female entrepreneur now inspiring even more women out there wanting to start a business, what advice would you give them? For students who want to go into business, do you have any words of wisdom to share?

Be bold and brave!

For those of you waiting for ‘right time’ to start I’m afraid to burst your bubble but they’ll never be a ‘right time’ per se. I hear many people with big ambition waiting for the right moment; when they have more time; when they have more money; when they have more contacts; or subject knowledge. If you want it all together before you take your first step, you’ll be waiting forever and remain stagnant. Like the good old Nike slogan (cheesy as this may sound) JUST DO IT. There is nothing better than just getting started; strategically planning and also plugging away at a task each day.

Tell us how it works with ordering a box from Buttabox?

It’s very simple. You sign up and create a membership log in and then subscribe – it takes just a couple of minutes.

The box looks stunning, the branding is so ‘on point’ and I can only imagine that the demand for this box will explode, so as a female entrepreneur who will be very busy during Christmas and 2021, how will you switch off from work mode?

Thank you! I have a big A3 notepad where I do all of my mind mapping and planning ahead. I also keep in touch with customers to get their feedback.

What are the plans for ButtaBoxx in 2021?

We have a few ideas that we’d like to experiment based on customer feedback! Definitely new product launches/categories and also some more initiatives around sustainability.

Where can we buy your box and where can we follow you?

You can buy your ButtaBoxx via www.buttaboxx.co.uk
You can follow us on all social channels: @buttaboxx

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