Like Mother, Like Daughter With L’abu Skincare

Mother and daughter business, we don’t see that enough these days, so tell me how did it all start? 

We have always been involved in other  family businesses, but wanted to do something together as we both have a passion for skin care.  Our Italian heritage has always been big on the family ethos :As a small child, I (mum) would spend my holidays in the vineyards of my grandparents, where they produced all natural products and we would eat from the land, it was magical looking back! As a mum I  knew I would always choose the best ingredients inside and out for my family. After talking to family and friends and getting their views on what they would look for in skin care we were inspired  towards self-regenerating treatments for the skin. We opened our skin clinic 3 years ago, giving consumers an alternative option to treat anti-aging and skin issues in general. From there we decided to research into skin care and found a UK based company that worked with us, to  develop a Salon Grade range of products we could use after treatments.  We since launched our brand online making  it available to all.

What’s important for you when it comes to the ingredients of these skincare products?

 The importance for us is that the formulations are mixed to collaboratively work together and  ensure the efficacy of the products. We also wanted to have a concentrated mixture of ingredients that you would normally find in spas or salons, to give a high end feel to the products, but keeping them at accessible prices. We find that too many claims are made (by many brands) and people get disappointed, it was important to us to get the  ingredients that work well with the skin and not to over sensitise it but to work in synergy and systematically over a period of time, get the best out of the skin care. Our packaging has now been designed to brief what the key ingredients are and how they work, allowing  the consumer to make informed decisions.

The range of products contain a selection of ingredients that tackle most common problems on an everyday basis. It could be sensitive skin, dry skin, prone to breakouts! We aim to bring out a range of pop in products to work with the baseline range and treat more specific issues for both male and female.

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As you are both from different generations, how do you satisfy both? 

We wanted our core range to be uncomplicated and easy to use.  We have broken them down into the basics  Cleanse, Hydrate &  Target, in all of these options there are choices for the differing ages. The basics are easy to use and uncomplicated which encourages consumers to maintain a good skin routine and subsequently benefiting from constant use.  Also they can be used across the generations to switch the routine around. As with anything your skin can get used to using the same products and eventually they may not have the same impact. The baseline products contain a selection of products that can be inter used, so the consumer can buy one range for the more mature and then another range for the younger age group, and intermix on days maybe when they need a little more or less.

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What have been the challenges of running a business together? Who’s bossing who? 

Actually we respect each other’s capabilities and expertise, so we tend to work well together and bounce off each other. For me (mom) it keeps me up to date with the young crowd and for Hayley (daughter) teaches her life values, you CAN  put an old head on young shoulders and visa -versa !

 How do you give yourselves that business partner relationship to then going  back to mum and daughter? 

We have always had and have family businesses  and the standard applied is when at work total professionalism is key, but when we finish it’s back to family. Our work practices have been noted by our staff and we constantly have lovely comments made about the family and how we all work well together.

Where do you see the brand in 5 years with L’abu Skincare? 

We would  love L’abu to be a well known brand for its premium quality , honest efficacy and uncomplicated range.  It would be amazing to grow the business and enable us to take it to market into other countries. The success would allow us our mission to give back , which we have not spoken too much about, (other than to each other). We want to give a portion per unit sold to children and families in need but not by way of charity, by way of saving the amount per annum and allocating as we see fit. It could be computers  for schools or a piece of equipment for hospitals, this would be our ultimate dream .

 What would you recommend for our readers whilst being stuck indoors due to the pandemic and then going out for their daily walk into the wintry chill? 

Indoor heating plays havoc with the skin and can cause it to dehydrate and feel dry and flaky. This can also cause premature ageing no matter what your age, so it’s super important to have a really good skin care routine. We would recommend a good cleanse and scrub routine, to allow the follow up  products to penetrate the skin. It’s worth doing a mask once/twice per week, we have our duo masks which are amazing for removing dead cells, and super hydration. A follow up of serum or oil and then a moisturiser to act almost as a barrier to keep the other products working into deeper levels.

If you go outdoors, almost certainly whatever the weather we would say pop on sunscreen. This will fight off UV rays and free radicals, protecting your skin no matter what’s being thrown at it.

 Do you think our male readers can use your products? Or is it best for our male readers to stick to their own skincare routine? 

We actually have a high male customer base. We find that they are taking more care of their skin and our base products are a good start for them to cleanse and hydrate.The Clay mask works really well to combat oily skin, which is a common problem for men.  They also love the serum and lotion as they are not too heavy and sink into the skin, They can use the core products with other brands for more intense treatment, we are looking to bring out a pop in range specific to male/female, so they can the tackle any concerns more prone to gender specific. Again it’s all about keeping it simple but managing a routine that fits and works for the individual lifestyle and concerns. No good if you spend money and it sits on the shelf!

What would you recommend for our readers who may consider working with their parents? 

We would recommend to lay out the ground rules on work ethics and understanding each other’s qualities and strengths, you need to be on the same page with this otherwise it will not work. Keep respect for each other and always listen to each other. Treat each other as you would any other work colleague or business partner. Work takes up a large part of your life and working together (for us) makes this time even more valuable.  

The products are available to buy from here.

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