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Welcome to your very first Amazon Must-Haves from your compulsive (but smart! … I hope?) shopper fairy godmother.

Yes, scavenging those Amazon reviews is always key before purchasing anything (shout out to the OGs who actually upload pictures too… the public bows down to you)! However, my monthly appearance won’t just be yet ANOTHER review of just ANY item. I am here to spill the tea on purchases you didn’t even know you needed until now.

Cue music “A whole new wooooorld..”

Essentially I’m here to damage your bank account (you’re extremely welcome) buuut with purchases that will actually be worth it and make your life easier. So, let’s begin. Have your skin care products gotten out of hand? Do you find you don’t even know what you own and you’re not making full use of everything? Is your make up spread out all over the counter top? Sis, same here. Or at least, until a few months ago, where I stumbled upon these two bad boys: Now depending on how many items you have and the sizes of them, you may opt for one product or the other. Let’s see what suits YOU, shall we?

Macallen Cosmetic Make Up Clear Acrylic Organiser 20 Sections with Drawers

So starting with our petite Macallen organizer… This is perfect for people like myself, who don’t have a lot of large products and whose beauty stash is mostly eyeliners, brushes, lipsticks, BB creams, small palettes etc. You can visibly see everything you own and make the best use of all products including that lipstick you often forget you have! You know the one. We all know the one. Additionally, there’s an array of sizes you can find within the style of the Macallen storage. Some versions may be wider and give you a larger surface area and some taller with more drawers… So you can have a little Amazon lurking sesh and see which suits you best. The world is your oyster!

ELOKI Makeup Organiser-360 Degree Rotating Detachable Makeup Holder, Large Capacity Cosmetics Organiser Storage Box, White

Now, If you’re looking to neatly organize… well, essentially ALL your shizzles and make that morning routine run smoother, the ELOKI organizer is your new best friend. You can easily store all your skincare and make up products with just one click. Its 360•C rotative feature makes it so much easier to access all products. The compartments have different heights which is perfect for the variety of sizes of all the containers you own. The flat top surface is ideal for all your smaller merch!

Lastly, let’s not pretend price isn’t a consideration here. But may I just say, these items being one under £15 and the other £22, respectively, is absolutely value for money.

Hope this helped and see you next month! Happy shopping, ma queens!

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