Millennials invest in digital art

Introducing ARTCELS

Whilst majority of Millennial and even Gen-Z’s are trying to save money to buy their first dig or dog in fact, others might want to invest their money differently. ARTCELS will launch their new portfolio ‘Millennials’ in April which showcases stunning pieces of contemporary art curated specifically to catch the eye of this dominating generation and let’s not forget, the Asian collectors. This new blue-chip art ownership allows this generation to not only be part of something big but also have the same opportunity as the old-school-art-loving generations.

Available to investors as share-based ownership using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), it is backed by its own revolutionary Swiss-based cryptocurrency – ARTEM.

Press Release

Hofa Gallery in London is the perfect base to view the most trend worthy art. Artists such as Banksy, Nina Chanel Abney, Jonas Wood, Josh Sperling, Yoshimoto Nara, and others are included in this investment opportunity. We see more and more art shows on TV and platforms such as Netflix, ARTCELS offers even more opportunities for the work of artists to be appreciated in value but appreciated by the powerful generation of Millennial collectors.

Photo from Hofa Gallery. Main photo from Kouros by Fabio Viale, 2020.

Obviously it’s all available on an app and their social media is worth following too.

ARTCELS launch their new investment portfolio ‘Millennials’ at HOFA Gallery, London from 22 April 2021. The ‘Millennials’ portfolio exhibition will also be available for public viewing. In compliance with Covid-19 safety protocols, all visits to the gallery will be strictly on RSVP basis.

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