5 Minutes with Tabitha Willett

Our favourite influencer this week tells us what she's been up to during this lockdown and what it's like to influence people from home.

How did it all start? What experience did you have before MIC and becoming an influencer? 

I was a self proclaimed ‘party girl’. I worked at a nightclub called Boujis in South Kensington and then took on the role as Membership Secretary at the best Private Members Club in London called Albert’s. I absolutely adored my time there and had the most fun!

Due to the unfortunate health crisis and lock down we are all experiencing, how are you keeping yourself busy?

 I now have a 10 month old daughter who honestly doesn’t let me sit down for longer than 2 minutes at a time! But I honestly thank her for it – she makes me laugh and play and I feel so lucky we get to have so much one on one time with no distractions – it’s a time I will never get back and most likely not have with any future children so I’m savouring every minute.

What do you do to avoid stress, anxiety and worry?

 I am a strong believer in the power of gratitude. If you list 5 things in your head first thing in the morning that you are thankful for in the coming day and list 5 things that you have been thankful for at the end of each day your mindset changes. We all have so much to be thankful for, even if it is just a roof over your head or a phone call from a loved one. or even having a phone! it’s easy if you try.

Do you have any health, diet tips for us staying at home? How do you keep fit?

I am working out 3 times a week through Facetime with my incredible trainer Vivian Functional Fitness. I hate working out but I swear by her. Diet is my downfall as I love food so much! But everything in moderation is okay. I’m lucky that I have my wedding coming up this Summer so I know I can’t go too crazy or I won’t fit my dress! 

How do you keep a creative fashion style whilst being at home? 

Instagram! Thank god for Instagram – I think I would live in my pyjamas, no make up and messy hair at the moment if I wasn’t an ‘influencer’. It just so happens that I film most of my day, and while I keep it a lot more real than most, I still don’t want to scare any of my followers!

What podcasts are you listening to right now? 

Jamie Laing’s podcasts never fail to make me giggle. He has also just released one called Voice Male which is centred around mental health and young men and I think it’s so cool.

What are you currently watching on Netflix right now? 

I have only just started watching Money Heist and I’m hooked! 

When the lock-down is over where will be the first few places you will go to?

I can’t wait to have a long lunch at The Ivy Chelsea Garden. I also can’t wait to go to our local park and sit down on the grass for the afternoon. I’ve been craving a Daphnes meal too.

As an influencer what is your struggle right now and what are you excited about in the future? 

My only struggle right now is purely juggling everything. I’m trying to plan my wedding and look after my 10 month old and keep on top of the house/cooking/cleaning/laundry. It’s not easy but it’s important to remain upbeat.

For our lovely readers, can you give us some words of wisdom during this time?

Just try to remain upbeat – it’s contagious so hopefully your household will cotton on and everyone will remain in a good mood. Also take some time for yourself. I know there are a lot of people by themselves and very lonely, but in my case, I am in a flat with my fiance, baby and a dog and the rare moment that I get to myself really is so therapeutic and actually recharges me. 

Follow the lovely Tabitha on Instagram @tabitha.willett

All images from Tabitha’s Instagram Account

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