5 Minutes with Julius Cowdrey

To honour the NHS and people affected by the virus, Julius has released a new heartfelt single.

When did your music career start?

 I guess my music career started when I came to London at 18 and started gigging. I have played in a lot of empty bars and clubs and glad I can pick and choose a bit more now.

Frontline, what inspired you to write this song? 

Well I had the virus and thankfully I am back to full health now, but it hit me really hard. Also the news is on every day, it’s hard not to be fully immersed in it, I’m sure we are all the same; ‘this many deaths’, ‘this many people contracting the illness’ etc, it’s hard not to get a little anxious. One positive thing this time has given me is huge appreciation for the NHS, even more than before; their grit and hard work, the risks they take and the lives they save, they are true heroes. So I said to my twin brother just after I had got better, I want to write an uplifting song for all during this time, whilst thanking our frontline and we wrote it in 30 mins and it was released 10 days later! We have been overwhelmed by the response.

So how can we support you? 

Well, every penny made from this single is going to NHS Charities Together, so your stream or download is a donation. Put it in your playlist. Share it far and wide and I hope you can enjoy the song too! Also, if you know any frontline workers, please share it with them.

How do you keep yourself busy during a time of self-isolation? What’s your routine?

It’s been tough, I am writing a lot of music and staying super fit. I aim for 10k steps in a long walk every day and I do a workout almost every day at home, there are some amazing PTs you can follow online. I actually decided to try no booze for lockdown and it’s been a great decision, I want to feel as fresh as can be. There are definitely a few hours in the day where I get a tad bored but I am learning guitar which is fun and trying to stay as positive as one can be right now.

Any words of wisdom for young artists who are currently at home not knowing how to develop their music career.

I would say this is the best time to be a creative and be an artist, so enjoy this quiet time. You’re not being pulled to do this and that out of the house, you can sit on your bed and just write. Get better at being able to home produce, always useful if you’re taking your career seriously and if you can, release music, also not a bad time to get yourself in some decent playlists when people are listening to music more than ever right now! Good luck!

What will you do post lock-down? Do you have a go-to list? 

See friends. Go on holiday. Have a drink!

Support Julius by listening and sharing this heartfelt song to support the NHS. Click here to listen.

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